Your Ride        Your Data        Your Profit

Electric Vehicles generate smart data for manufacturers.
EVAIO leverages blockchain technology to bring data ownership back to vehicle owners.
Our platform can monetize your vehicle data!

Use Cases

Vehicles contribute data and get EVA rewards from EVAIO blockchain, EVAIO also allows any third-parties to access certain portions of the collected data after paying in form of EVA tokens. EVA tokens will be kept in a wallet of EVAIO software in vehicle OS. Based on the wallet we create EVPAY, which will open APIs to third parties, allowing more auto-based express services to exist in EVA ecosystem.


Provide accurate vehicle generated-data for Insurance company

Auto Accessory

Use EVA token to buy vehicle accessory

Vehicle Charger

Efficient vehicle self-payment for charger sharing

Vehicle Service

Provide precise vehicle maintenance solution with support of data


Tailor made advertisement service based on vehicle data

Machine Learning

Provide tremendous data for vehicle self-driving

EVA Token

Total Supply of EVA token(ERC20) is 12 billion, every EVA token contains utility value and equity value, 4.2 billion EVA tokens are available for token sale .

Non-circulating including 3.6 billion EVA tokens are reserved for Vehicle mining in 20 years, 2.4 billion EVA Tokens are reserved for further use only to invest another electric vehicle company before end of 2020, 1.2 billion EVA Tokens for Founders & Team are locked for 2 years.

EVAIO will involve a law firm to ensure Non-Circulating tokens are absolutely locked .


A certain portion of EVA tokens and fund raised will be used to invest EV makers to achieve partnership, which will expand EVA ecosystem.

EV Makers

We have targeted 2 great electric vehicle manufacturers internationally

Key Parts

Battery Pack, Powertrain, Vehicle OS


Cooperated with 1 EV charger company in China

Shared Mobility

Shared Mobility and Vehicle DAPP

About Us

about us

EVAIO team consists of ex-tesla regional leaders, Crypto specialists and financial professionals.

Our mission is to re-evaluate ownership of vehicle data, and make a fair distribution of profit.

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Leadership Team

Patrick De Potter
Trym N. Andreassen
Wayne Seong
Wen Yang



The first conference call with core team regarding EVAIO business model


Initial EVAIO design started


EVA wallet development completed


Vehicle side EVAIO hardware and software development completed


EVAIO Test net alive


Charger side EVAIO hardware and software development completed


Start Full Nodes Election Communication


Mileage Mining in a Model S implemented successful


Vehicle to pay Charger automatically via EVPAY


Full Nodes Election completed


EVAIO Main net alive


Data trade transaction completed


100,000 vehicles installed with EVAIO software

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