Mission of EVAIO

At EVAIO we believe that car owners have the right to profit from their own data. We want them to be in full control of what data they share with whom. By leveraging advanced blockchain technology, we can accomplish both of these goals. Here is how the EVAIO platform works:

EV owners mine EVA tokens by driving their cars. These tokens are given monetary value as third parties buy EVA tokens to get access to the vehicle data EV owners provide. EVAIO offers a payment system (EVPAY) that allows EV owners to use their EVA tokens to pay for things like charging their battery, car washing or parking. This way, EV owners basically earn money just by driving, while car manufacturers and third parties can profit from reliable vehicle data. It’s a mutually beneficial system where the EV owners are incentivized to use EVAIO.

Blockchain technology also provides the advantage of increased security and privacy. Transactions on the blockchain are always, and permanently, logged and can easily be checked, by anyone. This can be done without harming anyone’s privacy, as our layered blockchain system allows for multiple levels of privacy. Compare this to the current situation where vehicle owners do not see what their onboard computers are sending, nor what their car manufacturers are gathering and/or selling. In the EVAIO ecosystem, it is not beneficial for anyone to try to meddle with data or steal it as clear marks will be left in the blockchain.

Our priority for software development is to build the platform where data can be generated and traded. On the hardware side, we will design and implement the devices that will be attached to the EV’s. To allow EV owners to spend their mined EVA tokens, we will also build a hardware and software package that allows existing charging stations to accept EVA tokens. This way, the 1.0 version of our ecosystem where EV owners can mine tokens and spend them in a useful way, can be implemented within two years.

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