The Future with EVAIO

While the above section describes our immediate goals and use cases, the EVAIO project is designed for a much broader purpose. We foresee a future where self-driving, self-paying electric vehicles are part of everyday life. This image of the future is not as science fiction as many people think. It’s pretty much around the corner, with car manufacturers describing self- driving as inevitable and putting their money where their mouth is, as they are investing heavily in self-driving initiatives. All Tesla vehicles currently being produced have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver. When proper legislation is implemented, it will not be long before these vehicles can be summoned on demand and easily shared.

Electric vehicles are here to stay and self-driving seems inevitable. In this picture of the future, EVAIO plays a pivotal role as our system allows EV’s to charge on any charging station around the world and to seamlessly pay for services such as a car washing, parking, or even receiving or delivering goods. Electric vehicles will become both the miners that support the network, as well as the wallets from which EV owners can spend their EVA tokens. This provides security, trust, and ease of use in the ecosystem, while also playing an exemplary role in how blockchain technology doesn’t have to spend enormous amounts of energy for it to work.

As the EV ecosystem matures and self-driving becomes adopted, the possibilities of self-paying EV’s are virtually limitless as the EVAIO platform also allows for decentralized apps to be built. Creative developers can provide services to EV owners based on their driving habits and location. A few examples are games based on location and/or the driver’s habits, links with social media, or any new use of the driver’s time, as self-driving will turn our driving experience in to a more free experience where time can be used for entertainment or productivity.. The more uses of data that are found this way, the more valuable it will become and the higher the value of the EVA token will be.

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