EVAIO consists of vehicle-mounted hardware and software, and it is a decentralized platform for electric vehicle applications. At the same time, EVAIO is a public chain that supports the development of decentralized applications for electric vehicles, including developments in the entertainment systems, communication possibilities, and shared mobility, all of which contributes to a more pleasant riding experience. The car owners of the vehicle upload the vehicle data anonymously by pre-installing and post-installing EVAIO software or software+hardware on the vehicle. Car owners are therefore getting EVA tokens from blockchain, which can be used in the EVAIO ecosystem. For more information, please refer to EVAIO white paper.
EVAIO was founded by a group of former Tesla employees from different countries with the same ambition. CEO Patrick De Potter was the No. 9 employee of Tesla Europe. He used to report directly to Elon Musk and had a good relationship with him.
We dedicate to safeguard the ownership of data for EV owners, benefiting them from their EV data, and promote the EV industry.
EVAIO will bring a new structure which integrates DAG layer and Blockchain technology. Using this structure, the DAG layer performs the high-speed transactions needed for the vehicle IoT payments. The blockchain layer is used to process the smart contract transactions, summarize the DAG transactions and issuing EVA tokens and perform the cross-currency conversion tasks.
a) Integrated DAG & Blockchain structure
b) Token rewarded when driving
c) Provide Unmanned Self-driving vehicle payment solutions
d) Shadow token and Futures Contract to stabilize the price
e) DPOS algorithm to select Block producers, DAG peers, and Mainchain Witnesses.
f) Electric Vehicle DAPPs platform that is free to use.
VAIO utilizes Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) to select 3 roles, Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) to randomly send the transactions to DAG peers, Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) for state communication. Under the DPOS algorithm, those who hold EVA tokens may select Block Producers, DAG peers, and DAG witnesses through a voting system.
Anyone may choose to participate in the system, will be given an opportunity to produce blocks, issue transactions and post the main chain, they also have the opportunity to persuade token holders to vote for them. The 3 roles specified in this model have their separate responsibilities but serve the same purpose, being to make the EVA ledger safe. We call distinction between the different roles the separation of powers. The powers are directly granted by the token holders.

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