Version: EVAIO 2.0 Lion

EVAIO Main-net 2.0

1. EVAIO Main-net will upgraded to version 2.0, the blockchain will be more stable.

2. 4 Billion EVA will be burned during this upgrade, other burns will be activated after every 3 months.

3. Vehicle Mining Pool will be reduced to 2.5 billion EVA;

4. Vehicle Industry Partner will join as Block Producer, 0.1 billion EVA will be self-delegated on main-net, the delegation rewards will be used as incentive of OBD Miner Sales in partner’s system.

5. Change Validator Downtime Slashing fraction from 1 percent to 0.

6. Develop Burn Module to enable address owners to burn their EVA.

7. Define Hash(VMTx) as unique identification of Vehicle data contribution transaction, a new hash rate of VMTx will be generated for every data contribution, Hash(VMTx) = hash256(wallet address + vehicle identification number VIN + data contributed + timestamp).

8. Vehicle Owner Privacy ProtectionEVA Address will be linked with OBD miner, privacy is protected.

9. Enable Blockchain Governance API to change inflation rate and community pool parameters, Community is able to propose and change new rate.

EVAIO OBD Miner 1.0

1. OBD Miner Venus 1 for online market is ready for order, Block producers will be the authorized distributors, USDT and EVA is required as payment. Venus 1 is able to produce more EVA than Mercury 1 daily, the daily output y= a/x dx, x is daily mileagea is production rate.

2. OBD Miner Mercury 1 for Vehicle Supply Chain Partner only, will be ready for sale in partner service centers.

EVAIO Vehicle Service System 1.0

1. APAC Supply chain partners join EVAIO blockchain as block producers, Mercury 1 will be defined as standard parts in partner’s system.

2. Venus and Mercury OBD miner is able to support vehicle online diagnose.

3. EVAIO Mobile APP is able to provide online vehicle service and basic offline vehicle service.

EVAIO Vehicle Service System 2.0 will be developed in the future, to enable fully utilization of vehicle data in aftersales market, parts supply chain, and vehicle finance and insurance, please stay tuned, thank you for staying with EVAIO.

EVAIO Foundation April 9, 2020

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